Thursday, May 3, 2007


I'm going for a new feel with my blog. I'm going to use red font today. I really missed my family when I came home from Haley's wedding in Idaho. It is the strangest thing! The person I felt like I missed the most was Rach. Rachell, it's not that I never miss you, because I do. Here is why it was strange. It was strange because I am going to see her tomorrow, and yet I bawled my eyes out when we had to leave. Crazy crap! That night before we went to bed, dad asked me to give the family prayer. BIGGEST MISTAKE OF HIS ENTIRE LIFE! After the 10 seconds that I said how thankful we were for getting back safe, I started praying about how we are so blessed to be with our family. I cried for about 4 minutes of the 4 minute 30 second prayer. I got through the night though. It always depresses me to be separated from my family. If you have viewed Rach's blog lately, you will notice her post about how we can be together FOREVER. What a remarkable blessing we have to be an eternal family, if we live like we should. Thinking about that always motivates me to live better. Obviously, it only works for about a day! I have to go to play practice!