Monday, March 19, 2007


Ok. Today we had an awards assembly for our 3rd quarter. A boy that got picked is a boy this is very annoying. He asks my math teacher, the one that picked him, if she will go out with him. Inappropriate? I think so! I am the only LDS boy in that class (except for one boy, but listening to the things he says and talks about, you wouldn't guess it) So my standards are way different the everyone elses. Anyway, this boy gets picked for this award. I'm not jealous, it may sound that way, but I'm not. I just don't think that the boy who got a week of lunch detention and 3 points in the discipline book for being horrible in that class deserves recognition for his, as my teacher puts it, "outstanding" achievements. I work my rear off in that class, but don't get any recognition for it. Nor does anybody else in that class. Me and a bunch of girls are the only ones that don't get yelled at all of the time. It ticks me off. I could write an hour more of how bad this ticks me off, but I can't.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

My day

Today mom and dad went to the Temple. I stayed home and cleaned the garage. I might mention that is looks wickedly awesome! I really enjoyed it. Even though it sounds weird, I really liked. I went quading with my dad. It was cool. We went on a lot of other peoples private property, unbeknownst to me half of the time. Yesterday my friend Thomas came up. He used to bother me quite a bit, but now I don't seem to mind him as much. We went quading, to the keep out, and then to the park. It was fun. I made crepes for dinner. They were wickedly awesome too. Then his sister came and got him. I miss sharing a house and a bathroom with Rach. It get lonesome.