Monday, February 23, 2009

Life Goes On

I am here at school washing basketball jerseys with one of my friends (Emily Bernhisel). It is really boring, but I guess it is what I signed up for.
Recently (yesterday) I got home from Atlanta. I was gone 5 days. It was awesome. It was really hard for me to leave. I had this feeling of sadness the entire trip home. It even carried well into the day at school. I loved just getting to konw them all a little better. It was great to spend time with the Atlanta Roberts Family. I think there is a closeness there that didn't exist before. But life goes on.
In other new,Lydia is so flippin' cute! Whenever I was in her room with her, she would pull all of the books out of her book box, put them on my lap, and then put them all back in the box. Sometimes we went through a few rounds of this before something else grabbed her attention. I went to Seminary with Logan every morning. It was fun. It was cool to see how the Church is the same everywhere you go. I made friends with some of the kids there. There was a boy there, Keaton? Doody? Duty? I don't know, but that was his name I think. He reminded me a lot of my friend Kyle Peterson. Another girl Andrea. I know that isn't how you spell her name because I saw it spelt somewhere. But you pronounce in (On-dray-a). She was cute. Another girl, Laura, and other people I didn't really talk to. I also went to a stake dance while I was there, it was a little akward, so I only stayed about an hour. It was fun though, I think the people I had gotten to know were genuinely interested in me and glad I went to the dance. There was a cute girl, Kayla, from South Africa. She had a cool accent. I didn't talk to her at all actually, but she was really cute (I thought so anyway). Sunday was their ward conference, so all the Youth met together for the 2 hours after Sacrament meeting. Anyway, there came a point where the Stake Young Men's President asked someone to sing a hymn. This girl Keagan got up and sang. She had a really nice voice. Then he asked for a guy to get up and sing. When I was at mutual and seminary, some of the kids heard me sing, so they knew I could. Keaton, Andrea, Laura, and other people encouraged me to sing, so I decided, what the heck? So I sang a duet with Keagan. I didn't think it was inmportant enough to tell anybody, but somehow word got out (Andrea) and then Logan knew, then my mom.
Other things we did. We went to a King Tut Exhibit that was really interesting. Didn't get to meet the guy, but we saw a lot of the nice things that were buried with him. It was fun to learn about that sort of stuff. We also went to the worlds largest aquarium. It was awesome. There were little sharks, sting rays, crocodiles, and tunnels you could walk through with thousands of gallons of water over you that the fish swam in. I didn't take pictures with my camera because it is so freakin huge, I didn't want to lug it around, so I took pictures with Paula's camera. It was awesome.
Paula, Lydia, and I took a trip to the mall of Georgia. It was quite large. It was cool to see.
I will try to post some pictures later, but maybe not.