Saturday, March 1, 2008


Yes! I went to L.A to visit the cutest little boy on the face of the Earth!
(If you don't think so, I will fight you. That's no lie.)

Here he looks a little mentally ill or something(?) but we loved it when we could eat fish crackers together.

Beckett basically loved his ball. I would bounce it on his head and he would giggle.
What a cute boy. I would say happy, but he can get pretty cranky if he want too!

He loved his bath too, as you can see below. Actually, he only liked it when mom or dad gave him one. When Uncle Russell got to babysit, he wasn't quite so fortunate has mom or dad had been!
Just some pictures of the sweet little boy.

It was a fun trip and I enjoyed it very much. We went to Disney Land, Nathan and I. It was fun. I had set myself up for really exciting roller coasters, with tons of loops and things, but then I had to realize that it was Disney Land. I still was very glad to have gone. We went on many rides. The Matterhorn, Splash Mountain, Indiana Jones and the temple of doom, another roller coaster that just slipped my mind, the Buzz Lightyear Star Command ride three times, and the Pirates of the Caribbean. All "oodles" of fun. We both had turkey legs the size of mine, and ice cream cones the size of Hagrid's. I payed for the ice cream, of course. Oh ya. We went on "Star Tours." The least "amusementy" of them all, and it made us the sickest. I was first on Splash Mountain, and I got SOAKED. The camera's took some pretty sweet pictures of Nathan and I. I looked mentally inept, and Nathan looked like the billboard model for Disney Land. Well, it was fun. I did get stuck in the Denver Airport for 13 hours though. Sick. I almost died! Not really, but I felt like it since I hadn't slept in 24 hours by the time I got home! It was a really fun trip however!