Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Have you ever heard of FarmTown on facebook? I get these Farmtown gift requests all of the time from a man I know on facebook. I block every application that this man sends me because he sends them to me all of the time! There is this guy at work who LOVES FarmTown. I laugh so hard on the inside when he talks about when his corn is going to be ready, and how Nick Wilson needs to harvest it for him so he can get points from him. Just now, "I'm thinking about buying a bigger place than the one I have now." This is hillarious. I love every minute of hearing about FarmTown. Nick Wilson's character is called "Jimbo." That makes me literally laugh out loud.
I got to work a half our early today, and that is why I am posting. I go to the HighSchool at 6:10 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to do p90x with Nick. It is awesome. It is tough, but I actually really like it. Forrest isn't the only one who can post pictures of what he is going to look like at the end of the summer! By the way, it will be the guy, not the girl. Although, she looks pretty ripped.I am enjoying work a lot. I have learned a lot and am doing a lot. It is actually really fun. One day something went wrong with the Cowley street project, and it was our fault. Nick was really frustrated and had to leave to go somewhere really quickly. I hear him go out the door, but I heard him come back in. He walks into the middle of the office and says, "Russell, go to law school," and walked out.

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rachell enger said...

I'm happy you're so happy!