Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hello Everyone

Well hello everyone. A lot has happened since I have last shared anything, so I think it would be appropriate to do so.
First, School has started, and with it football, academics, FBLA, NHS, and of course social angst that is inevitable when it comes to school. :) I am a starting offensive lineman, right guard to be exact (the best of them are). I feel reasonably pleased with how I do. Playing football has been more fun this year than any year before, but the rest of it is harder. The kids and the language and stuff. But I have enjoyed it.
FBLA is going, slowly but surely. We had a conference in Casper last week that was good to be at. We left at 4:00 am, and got home at 11:00 pm. It was a LONG day.
For NHS (National Honors Society) we went to the Alberta Bare Theatre in Billings and saw "War of the Worlds" the same way it was first performed... on the radio. It was strange, but kind of cool. We are going back in February to see "La Boheme," and Ken or Kurt Peterson is the main character.
As far as things go in the world of academia, there is nothing to report. School work is the same as ever. I won't be a valedictorian because I ruined that a long time ago, but I am still doing pretty well. I am part of a "gifted and talented" group that will be attending a brain bowl at the college in Powell soon. I'm not going to lie. It made me feel kind of good when I was asked to be on it!
Social life has slowed down a bit since school has started, for a few reasons. Football takes a lot of time, and then I keep getting blown off. That last part may just be me, but I don't know! Tonight for instance, I planned for some friends to come up to the house to do stuff, but it didn't work out. We started out in Cowley together, and through each town on the way home I lost some. Well, all of them to be exact.
Last but not least, I have remodeled the bathroom downstairs, and well frankly, it looks awesome! I don't know how to get pictures off of our new camera onto the computer, so I will figure it out and get it done. We bought this new video camera that takes pictures too, but I am technologically inept, so it could be a while!


rachell enger said...

Friends are over rated...

Forrest said...

You should talk to Elin about La Boheme. She saw that my freshman year and loved it. I didn't see it, but it is an opera, so I think I know how I would have felt about it.

English Paper: I Am Loving It! said...

You can just disregard Forrest's opera comments. I made the mistake of taking him to BYU's version of Don Giovanni...which happens to be a very difficult opera to endure. The story line is...well...not very moving and the music, though impressive, does not quite do it for me. Poor Forrest was falling asleep and I was wishing that I could join him in the slumber. However, La Boheme is quite another matter. Puccini wrote the music and let's just say he is a genius. It is the most gorgeous music I have ever heard. And the plot is much more exciting and the characters are fun to watch. It is a mixture of comedy, tragedy, and romance and may I stress again...the music is absolutely phenomenal. I am going to bring my La Boheme CD so you can listen to a couple of the songs. Placido sings a few of them on my CD. You are in for a real treat.