Saturday, October 9, 2010


I found out something that is kind of nifty. You can track on your blog how many people have visited your site, how many times, from where in the world, on what internet source and type of computer (mac, windows etc.), and I would personally like to thank my number 1 viewers. Coming in at first by a landslide with 15 total visits, felin. Thank you Forrest and Elin for your continuing support. :) 2nd is Logan Roberts with a total of 3.
I just thought that was pretty hilarious and I wanted to share it. Maybe next time I check, everyone on my list will have 1 more view. I also had a viewer from Russia. How awesome ;)


Jessee said...

You are an idiot!! Track that!

Russell Roberts said...

I can't believe you found my blog. I hate you. I should have one of those word verification things with the handicap sign by it. If I would have had that I know you wouldn't have been able to publish a comment.